Debt settlement and debt management can be easily handled through The Debt Management Group
Debt Modification encompasses the categories of debt settlement, debt negotiation, and debt manodification. About
Debt Modification

Enjoy Financial Freedom

Being in debt is no walk on the beach. From creditors pestering you to living paycheck to paycheck, the adverse effects of financial decline can be debilitating.

The Good News
You're investigating debt relief programs! By choosing an experienced debt relief company, such as The Debt Management Group, you can trust that your personal finances will be handled efficiently and properly, yielding positive results for as long as you want. Backed by years of financial consulting coupled with strong legal expertise, The Debt Management Group offers a wealth of debt relief options, designed to bring you short term credit solutions that morph into long term financial plans.

Take Charge
Don't allow yourself to sink in a sea of debt. The Debt Management Group is here to keep you afloat financially. These programs are not just about lowering your monthly payments but focus on strategies that become tools you can use forever.

The DMG program is twofold:

  1. To quickly get you out of debt
  2. To teach you how to manage your debt for life

Our professional debt consultants carefully analyze your unique indebtedness. Since each debt relief package is personally contoured to your individual requirements, before making any recommendations, your DMG specialist will thoroughly review all aspects of your finances, including:

  • Income sources
  • Debt load, including unsecured credit cards
  • Other sources of financial burden

A Bright Financial Future
Shortly after the program successfully concludes, you will find yourself in a position of debt worthiness. You will be coached on how to earn interest rather than paying it. Budgeting and savings techniques from our professional finance consultants will help you build positive cash flow. Most enjoy a position of consumer confidence when it comes to money management. You now have the opportunity to enjoy the freedom of debt relief and exercise your good spending habits learned from The Debt Management Group.

Free Consultations
Learn how easy it is to confront your debt and breathe a sigh of relief. Our debt relief experts offer a complete set of consumer consulting tips that keep creditors at bay and walk you through the program at every step. Contact one of our talented financial consultants for a free, private consultation.


Due to Current Economic Conditions
Thanks to the overwhelming offers made by credit card companies, debt has never been more plentiful. On any given day, the average consumer can find his or her mailbox stuffed with tempting promotions and reasons to spend more money.

Enticing as these offers are, they can be blamed for the plethora of outstanding loans many consumers currently face.

In Over Your Head?
Rather than file for bankruptcy and suffer a tarnished credit score for seven to ten years, today's overextended consumer can turn to The Debt Management Group and learn how a reasonably paced debt program can bring fast debt relief with long term positive credit scores.

You Have Choices

  • Debt Management: For those who can afford their existing debt but are paying higher than average interest rates
  • Debt Consolidation: A form of debt management, your interest rate is reduced, and bills consolidated into one convenient payment
  • Debt Modification: A program for those who cannot make their monthly payments
  • Debt Settlement: A phase of debt modification, debt settlement is the negotiation process made with your creditors (aka debt negotiation)

Scores of Successful Settlements
With a network of contacts extending to the decision makers at most major banks, the goals of debt reduction are quickly realized. As a result of our successful programs, hundreds of thousands of dollars are saved annually by indebted consumers; read actual debt settlement letters.

Privacy Matters
Your debt is nobody's business but your own. When your account is created, no one but the DMG professionals assigned to your case, will have access to this sensitive data. Learn more about your privacy and security...

Contact a debt management specialist today before you have exhausted all of your resources.

The Debt Management Group assists with debt relief solutions in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and regionally.

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